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Qualified translators …

Translations suffer from the problem of what can be termed a “double bind”. On the one hand, the translated text needs to correspond in terms of content and language with the source text. On the other hand, however, it has to be tailored to the reading habits of the new target audience, to 'speak their language'. This calls for a good feel for language, understanding, the right mentality and the right experience.

… all of them native speakers in their subject

As a rule, our translators will be native speakers of the target language, possess advanced educational qualifications and many years of experience in the industry. In this way, we are able to guarantee the precise transmission of content, high comprehensibility and ensure that the translation will use the correct terminology and style to speak to its target audience.

The same is true even for more uncommon languages. Our 600 translators are spread throughout the world and networked with both us and each other. The benefit of this is that we can handle a project, such as an annual report, translated into many different languages, yet with consistent levels of quality.

Sub-editing and proofreading

The aim with sub-editing is to improve texts in terms of their style and content, while at the same time correcting any spelling and/or grammatical mistakes.

If a text is to be checked solely for spelling, punctual and grammatical mistakes, then what's called for is proofreading. This work can be done faster, making it more attractive than sub-editing in terms of price.

Text editing

The costliest way to revise a text is to edit it. The task involves bringing text received from the client into shape in terms of language and content. During the editing process, texts are made shorter and crisper, the content more understandable. In addition, the editor ensures that they are drafted in a way that suits the target audience and which is more elegant verbally.

Medienhaus employs German-language specialists, all of whom have completed advanced studies and who are accustomed to dealing with texts with extreme care.

This service is also available for foreign languages.