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Desktop publishing

Looked at simply, desktop publishing, or DTP for short, consists of the computer-based drafting of high-quality documents made up of text, tables and images, with a view to publishing brochures, catalogues, books or annual reports.

But not all DTP jobs are the same. DTP can sometimes be more about art – the art of setting text and images precisely, by adjusting the tracking, using precise spacing, paying attention to aesthetics and legibility, all with a view to increasing the reader’s acceptance of the text. And all of this carried out while strictly adhering to the design guidelines in the corporate design manual.

This is the kind of art we’ve committed ourselves to practising.

Professional foreign language typesetting, in over 60 languages

When a DTP task involves dealing with foreign typesets and special symbols, it is referred to as foreign language typesetting. Foreign language typesetting poses a particular challenge for the typesetter: on the one hand, they need to have knowledge of the word, syllable and sentence separation typical of the language in question. On the other, the activity calls for precise knowledge of the typographical conventions applied in the country concerned. In the most difficult of cases – for example, when dealing with Arabic or Chinese – foreign language typesetting can even call for a completely different mindset, one that takes into account aesthetic categories and typographical structures.

We have that knowledge. We consider it to be one of our core competencies.