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Goethe and Money


Celebrating Frankfurt's famous son

„Not everybody knows but Goethe has grappled with the monetary system and economic developments of his times,“ comments Kulturdezernent Felix Semmelroth the motto „Goethe and money“. This year's week of celebrating Goethe will take place from September 13th to September 23rd in Frankfurt. A number of institutions such as the Freie Deutsche Hochstift, Deutsche Bundesbank, Schauspiel Frankfurt and Hessischer Rundfunk cooperate, offering a multitude of events.

A major exhibition at Goethe-Haus in Frankfurt running from 14th of September until 30th of December considers aspects

less well known about Goethe who was a minister of finance in Weimar for ten years and invented the auction principle, for example. In his major work, Faust II, Mephisto actually anticipates the invention of paper money. „Praised as a solution to the emporer’s financial problems by Faust and Mephisto, the magical paper money turns out to be a delusive hope. Thus, the exhibition will pick up on the astonishing acutality of Goethe’s positions.“ (Press release)

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