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The history of medienhaus:frankfurt began a quarter of a century ago, at which time its name was typo:profis and the company’s business was photo composition. This process involved saving the characters digitally in a composing machine and exposing them onto film, using a cathode ray tube or laser. The procedure was suitable for the production of printed materials and, already a leading supplier to Frankfurt’s top advertising agencies, we decided to specialise in this activity.

As the ways in which printed material was produced changed, we in turn changed our methods, following the signs of the times.

From the beginning of the 1990s – since when desktop publishing has conquered the world – we have been working directly as a creative and production agency with German and international clients from the areas of industry, services, retail and logistics.

Very early on we decided to place an emphasis on the development and implementation of international communications media. This led to the founding of typo:world, the full-service, foreign language typesetting agency.

In the year 2000, typo:profis teamed up with typo:world to become medienhaus:frankfurt – a full-service agency for global communications media.